Who Fares Well From Welfare Policies

Who Fares Well From Welfare Policies

I believe that most of us want generally the same things in this life. For the end result to be that everyone has a shot. That everyone can and does succeed. That we can all be happy and able to provide for ours and our family’s own basic needs. If we’re lucky, to finally obtain financial freedom and no longer have to worry about money. The problem is politicians screw everything up by trying to dictate how this all happens.

Welfare is not a dirty word and no one is opposed to welfare. The finger pointing comes into play when both sides preach about how welfare is administered and how it affects the recipients.

There’s no doubt that our capitalistic system is the most successful model on the planet as far as offering opportunities to everyone equally. Anyone who is willing to work for what they want can succeed and will not be prevented from achieving success. So, why are so many of our brothers and sisters trapped on welfare?

Welfare should be given as a leg up, to give us a boost when we fall on hard times. No disagreements there. So, why do so many get trapped by the welfare system? The way it’s currently designed offers no incentive for the recipients to better themselves while they are receiving it. When they start to earn money their benefits starts to dwindle. Often, people find that staying on welfare is more lucrative than having a job. This robs people of their dignity. It robs them of a sense of pride that can only come by achieving their dreams and elevating themselves and their families out of poverty. What if, instead, their welfare benefits dwindled if they did not apply for jobs and do everything within their power to become self-reliant?

We need to offer more incentive for people to work hard to rise up out of their hard times, to expect them to succeed, and push them to do it. Having a work requirement while receiving welfare is not too much to ask. In fact, it is a gift. The pride that comes from working is a priceless feeling that is rarely achieved in any other way. We can help others help themselves. So, why doesn’t this happen? Politicians.

Guess what happens when you give people ‘free’ stuff with no strings attached? They become dependent on it. No longer is there a need for them to try, to succeed, or to escape their hard times. This dependence is intended to breed a following in the voting booth. Some politicians want welfare recipients to believe that if they vote for the heartless other candidate then their welfare will immediately disappear. That the other candidate is completely against them. When in reality, the person who truly cares about those who are down on their luck will want to help restore their dignity as well as their financial freedom from the government dole.

There’s nothing shameful about needing welfare. It happens. What is shameful is exploiting those who need help by creating utter dependency on the government. So, just as welfare is not a dirty word, neither is welfare reformSo, the next time you hear a journalist or politician attempt to vilify anyone who proposes welfare reform remember to think for yourself. What would that politician stand to gain by convincing millions of people that the only thing they could ever aspire to is a government handout? Votes. From millions of dependents.


A.G. Cohen

A.G. Cohen

#WorldPeace Go and do.

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