The $9 Million Question

How much money would it take for you to sell out your country? How much to turn your back on your fellow Americans and assist a Saudi Arabian oil family with an agenda of keeping the United States dependent on foreign oil? In this undercover video by James O’Keefe and Project Veritas you will see how embarrassingly eager Hollywood is to accept $9 million dollars while knowing that it would need to stay an air tight secret.

Hollywood celebrities caught on hidden camera accepting money from “Middle Eastern oil interests”

In their defense this project does support their religion of preaching anti-fracking. Why do they want to stop fracking so badly even though the case isn’t closed on whether or not it’s harmful for the environment? Why is fracking worse than keeping us dependent on foreign oil? The foreign oil business could be funding terrorism. At a minimum it’s funding groups that are anti-American while taking jobs from our friends and neighbors here who are so desperate for them. Keystone Pipeline, anyone? (Is foreign oil in President Obama’s pocket too? Or is it Big Green energy? His opposition to the pipeline is getting beyond absurd given the state of our economy. Let’s face it, he really hasn’t had a successful enough career in the private sector to support his jet-setting, rock star lifestyle once he’s a mere mortal again in January of 2017. Securing his future? Pure speculation, but hey, I couldn’t resist.) Are they for us or against us? They can’t have it both ways even though Hollywood believes that they make the rules (as they go) for America .

Maybe you don’t have a problem with their anti-fracking agenda. How do you feel about them saying they could hide the money in non-profits to fund the documentary? That’s cool, right? How do you feel about all the preaching they did during George W. Bush’s presidency about how we are just going to war for oil. That Americans are filthy, dirty, and greedy because we just want to murder innocent people overseas for oil. Oil is bad and they hate it. Unless is pays $9 million.

O’keefe says that he released the video at the Cannes Film Festival because it’s Hollywood’s back yard, their playground. It makes it much harder for them to ignore it’s existence and the fall-out after, if any. The sad thing is that they sounded like they would’ve accepted far less money to be traitors to their country.

What can you do? Stop supporting Hollywood by giving them your money, time, and attention. Let them know that you see through their “smoke and mirrors”. Try not to view this as a Left vs. Right issue. It’s about spineless Hollywood hypocrites who try to set the tone for the country based on their latest ideological, group-think agenda.

O’keefe claims to have more videos implicating more Hollywood stars that will be released soon.  We will keep you updated.


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