Kardashian WHO? Video: How Europeans See America

Kardashian WHO? Video: How Europeans See America

With all of the current conflicts going on in the world, I decided that my recent trip to Europe was the perfect opportunity to meet people with perspectives other than my own–to discuss issues, understand their viewpoints, and also find out how they view America.  Originally, the inspiration for this project was all politics. I would focus on the world’s perception of the United States, and gauge whether or not what some called President Obama’s Apology Tour in 2009 was a success. While some believe our country is a Big Brother defending nations that are in need, others see us as a Big Bully, inserting itself into national conflicts with which we have no business interfering. After six years, has the world’s perception of the United States changed and if so, is it for the better?

However, after making real connections with strangers from Germany, Wales, London, Italy, and Switzerland, I decided instead to make this story more about them. Their willingness to speak with a stranger from a different country who speaks a different language was humbling to me. I was inspired by these individuals and decided instead to focus on them, rather than the politics. So, file this under “Entertainment” I suppose.

Hopefully, the video compilation will help you forget about the troubling state of current events for a  moment and think about how we are all connected as humans. Politics aside, we can connect with any stranger on a real, human level. Also, we managed to find a few people who do not know who the Kardashians are. Not bad.

Thank you, again, to all of our participants. Please know that we are here to return a favor if you are ever in America. (And if you need more American Flag lapel pins for any of your friends, we have plenty more!)

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