In Defense Of ASU Officer Ferrin-No Racial Motivation

by dcpolitick | July 20, 2014 12:52 am

On May 20th, 2014 an Arizona State University Police Officer asked a woman to use the sidewalk rather than walk down the middle of a road near campus. She would not comply. He then asked for ID. She would not comply. He then asked her to put her hands behind her back. She would not comply.

What would happen if police officers allow the public to decide how an interaction will proceed? “Hey, no thanks officer. You will not be arresting me tonight even though I’m driving while intoxicated. Now kindly walk away from my vehicle before I run over you.” I don’t think that is how police officers are trained to handle situations.

From the raw video below, it seems clear that Ersula Ore acted in such a way as to provoke Officer Ferrin into a contentious situation, even attempting to entangle her leg with his while being cuffed. She is claiming that she was treated unfairly because of the color of her skin and now the FBI is investigating. She got what she appeared to be after. Attention. She also was charged with assault for kicking him in the lower leg. This altercation has turned Officer Ferrin’s world upside down and now retired Mesa Master Police Officer Bill Richardson is speaking out in his defense.

Please share so all can know the real Officer Ferrin.

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