Illegal Immigration-Nation Building In The Gray Area

Illegal Immigration-Nation Building In The Gray Area

Deport them all? That hardly seems necessary, reasonable, or possible. It is true that we are a nation of immigrants so certainly we can all understand the motivations driving most immigrants who are able to gain entry into our country. If I were born in Mexico I know that I would do whatever it took to get to America. The reasons are obvious.

Is the solution to solving our immigrant problem a black or white, all or nothing one? No. The logical, attainable, most widely acceptable approach lies in the gray area.  The problem with this is that politicians cannot campaign on gray areas. Their base demands a black or white position on how to address this.

Like it or not, their presence factors into our economy. Would the cost of building a new house increase if contractors had to pay higher wages to legal citizens? Would the cost of health care decrease without us having to foot the bill for uninsured immigrants? Could the budget deficit due to welfare subsidies shrink with fewer non-taxpayers receiving benefits? The financial effect of illegal immigration is tightly woven into the threads of our economy.

Of course having effective border security is one of the main things that is vitally necessary to keeping us safe and enforcing our laws. Securing our country seems like a common sense issue, but sadly, it is a Right vs. Left issue. It almost seems comical that you could politicize our safety, but that’s the road we’ve chosen here. We continually accept the finger-pointing from both sides without considering the solutions that each has to offer.

The path to citizenship could be more efficient for those who have an honest desire to participate in the American dream. The application process for a visa could use a faster, more streamlined approach. Lets make it ok for immigrants who are already in America to stand up and be counted. Document yourself. You matter. Get an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number, pay your taxes, keep more of your money in our economy.

It’s ok to hold them accountable for paying their medical expenses just as a citizen is. Why shouldn’t they pay their fair share into our economy? Of course it would be a much smaller percentage than wealthy Americans, but it can buy them some of the pride that gets stripped from them during immigration arguments. Immigrants have an amazing work ethic that would embarrass a good number of lazy Americans and by paying into our economy they can get the recognition they deserve. Should violent criminals be deported? Absolutely. What would be wrong with a zero tolerance policy for criminals who give the millions of honest immigrants a bad name? It’s tempting to say that their children born here don’t need to be automatic citizens, but that law will likely never be changed. (Half of the motivation to come to America is to have an anchor-baby. The other half is all about the Benjamins.) Is there an argument for allowing families to stay together here and avoid deportation? Well, until that child is 18 they have no rights and should stay with their families. When they do turn 18 of course they can return to the United States without their parents.

Do politicians want illegal immigration issues to be dealt with? It would seem that Democrats believe illegals will automatically vote for them because they appear to be the party that cares and wants to give handouts (assuming immigrants want one). Do Republicans want to make it as difficult as possible for immigrants to arrive here due to fears of millions of new Democrat voters? There are plenty of people on the Right who point out that we are overlooking the hard working, entrepreneurial spirit of many immigrants and that their values are more aligned with the Republican party. That may be true, but they need to do a better job of communicating that to immigrant voters. The Republicans are very motivated to get this issue off the table before the 2016 election because their views on it do not poll well with voters.

Let’s put the politics asside, meet in the middle, encourage immigrants who can help our nation excel, and let the voting chips fall where they may.


A.G. Cohen

A.G. Cohen

#WorldPeace Go and do.

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