Higher Education-Affirmative Agenda

Higher Education-Affirmative Agenda

‘African Americans don’t measure up’. ‘Asians are superior’. ‘Hispanics can’t succeed’. ‘Whites need to be punished for being white’. ‘If you’re mixed-race, white people hate you’.

If you believe this then they have won. Politicians beat you and you didn’t even know there was a war.

What is affirmative action in the realm of education? What does it mean? Who does it truly benefit?

It is a false premise on which politicians have built a blind, cult following. They need you to believe these stereotypes so that you will be inclined to promote the need for affirmative action.  Why do they need you to believe they care about minorities? For votes. They want you to prove that you’re for minorities as well by voting for them again and again. The very idea of affirmative action is racist and belittling. It’s reinforcing stereotypes that we are trying so hard to abolish. How are minorities not sick of people saying that the bar needs to be lowered for them so that they can get into college?  They can reach that bar without it being lowered so politicians can appear to care. And by the same token, if a minority does get accepted to a university because of a ‘lowered bar accommodation’ isn’t that really a disservice to them? Is that setting them up for failure? Yes. It’s called Mismatching. If a student truly does not have the grades to be accepted into college, regardless of skin color, then why would they suddenly be able to start making the grade once they enter into a far more challenging educational environment? Flunking out of college would be devastating and could lead them down a road of believing the social stereotypes that perpetuate affirmative action to begin with.

So, to the disingenuous politicians out there, the ones who need you to believe that they actually think of anyone besides themselves, I say: Get your sticky fingers out of our educational system. If everyone is judged on their academic performance and not their skin color then they will find the college that is the best fit for them.  They will have a far greater chance of graduating, leading them to far more doors being opened for their future success.

The battles.

Many states have banned affirmative action admitting practices, but the fight to overturn those bans may never end. What needs to ultimately change is the way people use skin color to advance their agenda. Some politicians are quick to make the case that minorities can’t measure up without their help. They are the ones who are so quick to see skin color. They need you to believe that there is and always will be an over-abundance of racial injustices in America so they can have a political platform to run on. It makes them look like heroes. It gets them votes. Don’t let them fool you. #BeTheBridge

A.G. Cohen

A.G. Cohen

#WorldPeace Go and do.

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