Donald #Benghazi Sterling

Donald #Benghazi Sterling

Think back to when you first heard that there was a spontaneous protest terrorist attack on September 11, 2012 on our US consulate in Benghazi, Libya in which four Americans were murdered. Did you hear about it immediately? Days later? Weeks later? How did this news make it’s way to you? Do you devour everything in the news and were informed right away? Or, do you just kind of overhear the news while passing by the tv or overhear conversations of current events at work?

I ask you this question because I want to compare the amount of time it took for nearly everyone in America to find out that Donald Sterling, owner of the L.A. Clippers basketball team, is a disgusting racist vs. how long it took for the same amount of people to hear of this attack or the controversy and investigations surrounding it. The Sterling story blew up immediately. It was everywhere and very hard to miss. This story even made its way into the ears of those who don’t watch the news very often. Sterling’s ugly mess was also handled swiftly with the punishment coming just three days after the story broke. Three days.

How is it that so many people were made aware of this story so quickly, yet it’s taken nearly two years of Benghazi investigations and hearings to get America listening? It’s because the media controls what news you get to hear, when you hear it, how much you hear, and the tone of a news story. The media devoted a laughably biased amount of time to covering this story vs. covering new White house emails that show the administration played a major role in creating misleading talking points on the Benghazi scandal. Yes, a racist in the NBA is newsworthy, but so is uncovering proof that the White House strategy immediately after the terrorist attack was to blame a “hateful” internet video. The maker of this anti-Islam video was hunted down and put in jail on a probation violation to take the heat off the Obama administration. Megyn Kelly, lawyer and news anchor, states that normally this kind of probation violation would result in a court summons and a slap on the wrist. He ended up spending nearly a year in jail before he was released. As the puzzle pieces come together it seems like Team Obama wanted to get this inconvenient, untimely terrorist attack  swept under the rug since the 2012 presidential election was right around the corner. Although, you might agree with Hillary Clinton and wonder “what difference, at this point, does it make?“.

Stop letting the media treat you this way. They. Think. You. Are. Stupid. Demand more from those who report news to us. Don’t tolerate their inexcusable behavior of being clearly biased while claiming to be neutral journalists. #BeTheBridge



A.G. Cohen

A.G. Cohen

#WorldPeace Go and do.

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