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The Scandalous Art of Car Buying

In a future socialist utopia, a car buyer will be able to confidently walk into a dealership and pay the same price as everyone else buying the same type of vehicle. But, alas, in today’s free economy and capitalistic regime,

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All Roads Led To Oprah: An Open Letter To The RNC

To my dear, antiquated RNC: So you think there’s a culture war? Probably. Are you losing? Lol, hellz yeah. Your first tactical error is allowing the opponent to even engage you. They back you into corner in every battle, tie

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The $9 Million Question

How much money would it take for you to sell out your country? How much to turn your back on your fellow Americans and assist a Saudi Arabian oil family with an agenda of keeping the United States dependent on

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Hollywood Posers

At an alarmingly fast rate Hollywood elite believe more and more that they are the enlightened ones in our society. That they are the ones who the ‘average, middle-American people’ look to for a moral and cultural foundation. Whether it

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