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Illegal Immigration-Nation Building In The Gray Area

Deport them all? That hardly seems necessary, reasonable, or possible. It is true that we are a nation of immigrants so certainly we can all understand the motivations driving most immigrants who are able to gain entry into our country.

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Higher Education-Affirmative Agenda

‘African Americans don’t measure up’. ‘Asians are superior’. ‘Hispanics can’t succeed’. ‘Whites need to be punished for being white’. ‘If you’re mixed-race, white people hate you’. If you believe this then they have won. Politicians beat you and you didn’t

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Who Fares Well From Welfare Policies

I believe that most of us want generally the same things in this life. For the end result to be that everyone has a shot. That everyone can and does succeed. That we can all be happy and able to

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#AbortionBarbie-The Democrat Darling

  You may agree with her political views. Fine. But have you examined the way in which she operates? I try not to examine a politician’s personal life with a microscope because I believe it’s possible to serve the public

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