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How Scotland Won Independence By Losing The Independence Vote

So, on 18th September 2014, 718 years after its first battle against English rule, Scotland eventually voted ‘No’ to independence. A full month on, as the dust settles on the outcome and all commentators, observationists and pub-philosophers air their final

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Will Scotland Take The High Road To Independence?

Thursday 18th September is the date that Scotland will eventually vote on its independence from the UK – a strikingly more peaceful attempt at exiting relations with England than earlier attempts at liberation, as Mel Gibson would no doubt testify.

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Kardashian WHO? Video: How Europeans See America

With all of the current conflicts going on in the world, I decided that my recent trip to Europe was the perfect opportunity to meet people with perspectives other than my own–to discuss issues, understand their viewpoints, and also find

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The Road To Reims: 2. Laon, France

b. On Laon A few hours south of Arras, we find Laon by accident, perched dramatically on a hill ahead of us. It’s a vaguely pretty little medieval muddle set on a small elevation approx 100 metres above the otherwise

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Road Trip: 1. The Road To Reims

a. On Arras Totally forgetting that this summer is the centenary of the outbreak of WW1, we arrive in Arras with the wide-eyed excitement of explorers enthusiastic to cast their first footprints onto foreign soil. And anyway, we need a

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Making Plans With Nigel

Tuesday 15th July 2014. The time is 16.37pm. I’ve been on hold for approximately 23 minutes. I’ve been counting. Well, not 23 minutes altogether. There were two short occasions when someone did pick up the phone. But only to tell

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