We know there are a sea of blogs and ‘new media’ news publications devoted to tearing apart their opponents and those with opposing views. Where is that getting us? Nowhere. Who benefits from this? Politicians. Most want to be the savior of their party, promising to show the other side who’s wrong and who’s right. The power and popularity is exhilarating and addicting for them. Getting re-elected becomes one of their top priorities. This clouds their vision and ties their hands. It can prevent them from being able to work with the other side to move our country forward because their base expects absolute, unwavering, uncompromising loyalty. What most have forgotten is that they work for us. WE need to solve problems and tell them to carry out our solutions. If politicians would stop dictating to us what we should/shouldn’t do, what we can/cannot have- it would be a good day. Again, they work for us.

Current Events

Lets examine the drama in our society and see it for what it is. Does pop culture influence (or attempt to influence) what we do in our lives? Does society drive our behavior and shape our reasoning? Does the group-think mentality drive our culture and scare us away from having original ideas? Do we question the ones who deliver the current events to us? What do they want us to know/not know? What are they not telling us? Do they shape our interpretations of what happens in our society and influence us to pick a side or risk being irrelevant?